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[Erica whole house customization] as an excellent brand in the home customization industry, Erica has been deeply engaged in the field of home customization for many years, enriching the large home product line with the product categories of solid wood, blister, panel, packaged and multi material combination, providing users with humanized and personalized home overall solutions and innovating the brand development mode. Now Erica has made track changes from four aspects: store upgrading, hardbound housing project, bag occupancy, and large home system, so that the "four-wheel drive" can accelerate the brand to upgrade again, create a new fashion of home customization, and establish a new mode of customized services in the home industry

four wheel drive breaks through the limitations of development

we have formed the development direction of four wheel drive by taking the bag as the center. The first round is to develop the franchise store system throughout the country. The second round is the development of hardbound projects. Country garden is our only partner in the field of customized furniture in the southwest. We build hardbound model houses everywhere for country garden. The third round is to move in with bags. Through cooperation with real estate and property management, owners can contact Erica at the first time after receiving the house. We provide the owners with the decoration scheme matching the house type map in time, so that the owners can get what they see, which is convenient for their choice. The fourth round is the decoration, whole house and large household mentioned above. This four-wheel drive is like the four-wheel drive of the car, which makes us walk more steadily, effectively and quickly

as early as the beginning of brand development, Erica had a deep research on home space, quality and humanization. With the further development of the brand, Erica had a deep exploration in the field of whole house customization. Starting from the integration of product lines, optimize household products, give full play to the core advantages of full category customization, make stylized theme products serve consumers, and upgrade franchised stores, get involved in hardbound housing projects, implement the concept of bag check-in, and form a large household system. Erica four-wheel drive accelerates the brand upgrading, and also makes the household customization industry upgrade again

track conversion changes development strategy

the development of home customization industry is in fact the innovation of products and production technology and the continuous upgrading of services. From these aspects, Erica continues to transform the track from improving the competitiveness of stores, improving hardbound housing projects, providing bag check-in services, large home system customization services, etc., which is undoubtedly to the point, meets consumer demand, conforms to the market development trend, and enables the brand to have a place in the fierce competition in the industry

its terminal stores all over the country have high operation efficiency and fast service speed; Its customized household products have complete categories and diverse styles, which meet the needs of different consumer groups; Its bag occupancy mode subverts the traditional decoration concept, empowers brand development, and provides impetus for the transformation of brand sales mode; The positioning of its big home system has both the foresight of industry development and the dynamic force of brand development, which has injected vitality into Erica's future development. By changing the single development strategy, realizing track conversion, and upgrading brand products and brand services, Erica is bound to take the lead in its future development

brand upgrading accelerates the industry reshuffle

insiders believe that Erica's positive performance in the field of whole house home customization undoubtedly releases a signal: whole house customization is no longer limited to the customization of whole house cabinet products, but involves the customization of wooden doors, dining tables, bedding, soft bags and other supporting products. This is also the main idea of Erica's brand upgrading. In its future development, Erica will pay more attention to the scale of the brand, the classification and personalization of products, endow the whole house customization with more detailed, in-depth, comprehensive and rich characteristics, and establish a new customization model for the home industry. [Erica whole house customization official website]




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