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Netizen Xiao Wang said that she had chosen a well-known home decoration company to decorate her house in Dongzhimen. After paying the deposit and measuring the room, the designer gave her a propaganda color page, which listed the recommended brands of main decoration materials such as ceramic tiles, cabinets, floors, sanitary wares, stones, etc. under each material, there are 2 to 4 brand names. Xiao Wang told reporters that the staff of the home decoration company said that the main material brands they recommended are the cooperative brands of the company, and consumers can enjoy the lowest market price by choosing the main materials of these brands through the home decoration company. About the home decoration company purchasing main materials on behalf of customers, Xiao Wang has several questions in his heart &hellip& hellip;

[question 1] who is in charge of installation

for this problem, the reporter interviewed the heads of the engineering department or main material Department of many first-line brand home decoration companies and learned that the main materials purchased through home decoration companies are basically distributed and installed by the main material manufacturers, just as consumers purchase the main materials in the home building materials market by themselves. Qi Fuquan, the manager of Longfa Decoration Engineering Department, said that for simple projects such as the installation of sanitary ware or lamps, Longfa decoration can be carried out by the construction workers of home decoration companies according to the needs of consumers. Of course, consumers can also require the manufacturers to install on-site, but for main materials such as floors, cabinets, doors, etc., Qi Fuquan suggested that consumers still let the manufacturers install them, because compared with home decoration companies, manufacturers are more familiar with their own products, The installation will be more professional

[question 2] where does the price advantage come from

from the 1990s to the beginning of this century, home decoration companies at that time only did half package business of preliminary design and basic engineering construction, and consumers needed to bargain on the building materials market by themselves, because at that time, the characteristics of the building materials market were that the price was falsely high, and consumers could not find out the real price of the goods. Senior industry insiders told reporters that later, the home building materials market became increasingly transparent, and consumers hoped that home decoration companies could help them complete the overall home decoration including construction and main materials. The demand for home decoration companies was increasing. If home decoration companies were purely engaged in construction, the profit point was not high, and the main material purchasing mode of finding main material manufacturers to cooperate to improve profits came into being

nowadays, all home decoration companies can say that the building materials they buy through them are economical and affordable. Some even dare to guarantee that they are the lowest price in the city or promise to return multiple times the price difference. In fact, the reason is very simple. Home decoration companies purchase main materials on behalf of others is like wholesale, while consumers buy building materials products at retail prices when they go to the home building materials market

insiders said that home decoration companies with large brands have extensive stores, sufficient customer sources and large procurement volume, and can often get top-level main material products at appropriate prices, which is difficult for road guerrillas and small decoration companies with small material consumption

it is understood that some home decoration companies have put forward clear requirements for the main material cooperative manufacturers: the main material cooperative manufacturers must ensure that the products provided are authentic and that the price of the same products in the first-line building materials market of the same grade is the lowest price, otherwise, the price difference should be refunded to the home decoration company to fulfill the latter's promise to consumers





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