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The space of small houses is narrow and the pattern is unknown, so the decoration is very non-standard. Many people do not know the attention points of small house decoration and insist on doing it according to their own ideas. As a result, the decorated houses are neither fish nor fowl, and they regret it. In order to avoid this kind of situation happening again, Xiaobian has collected some taboos about small house decoration. Don't make it again next time

with the rise of prices, the already high house prices are also rising. In the face of higher and higher house prices, many working-class people choose small family houses. Although the small house size is small, as long as it is properly decorated, it can be regarded as a warm home. So here, decoration is of great importance. How to decorate the small house to make it look spacious and bright? There is stress in color, spatial layout, decoration and other aspects. Remember not to change it at will. If it falls into the wrong zone, it will be a waste of heart. Xiaomian, Xiaobian will take you to understand the ten misunderstandings of small house decoration

1. Inadequate strong and weak current layout

although the small house type room is small, it has all kinds of internal organs. And because the majority of residents are young people, they are highly dependent on computer networks, and their lives are casual, so small houses have high requirements for circuit layout. We should fully consider all kinds of use needs, and do better to be rich than lack in the early design, so as to avoid the embarrassment of insufficient interfaces caused by furniture and pattern changes in the later stage

2. Dull wall color

small houses generally choose the color system with high lightness and purity. Because the purity of the color is stronger, the more it comes into view first; The lightness is high, and the senses will be malleable, which is what we usually call “ Spacious and bright ”. If the small house type chooses the style of dim color in the decoration, it will make people feel depressed and dull, and the whole room will become smaller visually, making the narrow space more tight

3. Complex ceiling

most small family rooms are short, and the ceiling decoration with small shape should be the first choice, or do not make the ceiling at all. If the shape of the ceiling is too regular, it will make the spatial sense of the ceiling too strong. Moreover, in modern decoration, many young people don't like to make ceiling at home, and think it's beautiful and impractical. Therefore, if you want to expand the decoration of small houses, you must not have complex ceilings. It is best not to do it if you can

4. Floor decoration of divided areas

the space of small houses is narrow and tortuous. Many people will use different materials and heights to divide in different areas in order to decorate the effect and highlight the sense of area, and the ceiling often echoes it, which leads to a more tortuous spatial structure and derives a lot of “ Corridor ”, Cause visual obstruction and waste of space

5. Hard partitions

hard partitions should be used carefully in the decoration of small houses. If it is unnecessary, hard partitions should be done as little as possible. If it is necessary, glass partitions can be considered. Increase the permeability of the room, and also make good use of the visual illusion of space expansion with glass




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