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[Abstract] this is the loft apartment of Brazilian designer Guilherme Torres, in Londrina, Brazil. Guilherme has continuously adjusted the interior decoration of the apartment over the past decade. But recently, he spent a month on a major renovation, resetting the direction of indoor wires, repairing cracked and leaking walls, paving a layer of rubber floor with a color similar to the cement floor, and adding some furniture

householder's file:

[decoration householder]: Brazilian designer

[decoration area]: 60 square meters

[decoration house type]: 2 rooms and 1 hall

Grand Marshal craftsman's workshop

designer's self statement:

this loft apartment was redecorated after I spent a month. On the original basis, I didn't paint it, and I simply moved water and electricity and repaired the wall. This is my special design. Keep the original cement wall and try to decorate it with soft decoration to highlight the beauty of the blank

these metal tubes have become formal wall decorations. Thick carpets make people feel warm, and the cement colored walls match seamlessly with black sofas





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